Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Woodworking in Masaya: Day 2

Working with Maria and Jose Gutiérrez was such a rad experience that when they offered to 
teach us more techniques, we jumped on the opportunity. After completing the small bowls on 
the first day, Fran and I were dying to go bigger- so that's what exactly what we did. The process 
is very similar but we use machinery to remove most of the inside so time and energy isn't 
wasted carving it all out. 

After the shape is formed and sanded, the hole in the bottom created by the lathe is 
filled with wood putty and sawdust. When dry, the bottom is then sanded smooth. 

The tops of the pieces are burned black for a specific aesthetic look using a combination 
of Nafta gas and air to create the perfect temperature. 100% pure Austailian beeswax is rubbed
 onto the pieces for a water resistant finish. 

Wood used today: Espino de playa
Wood used yesterday: Guayacan

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