Monday, November 11, 2013

A maker of things

Spent the day painting the horse & goat shelter my dad and I have been working on for the past couple
 weeks and it's almost done, finally. Between working in the hot shop and losing the light early we've
 only been getting about an hour of work a day. But it's fun, I like the light that time of day. I think the
 realization that we can create our dreams and build our lives with our hands ignites a wave of personal
 empowerment in creative development. Making things brings me back to my roots. Spending time and
 hard work to give something life reminds me of the importance of process. To make places 
and things that didn't exist before, going from idea to something tangible, is a magical
 experience. The only thing that limits you is the properties of the materials you're working with, but
you learn to problem solve and make 'obstacles' work for you. There are so many windows for
 creation- from building, drawing, music, and dance, to painting a wall, hammering some nails,
organizing your space into a nest. And they all leave you proud. Accomplished. In some way, you
made something a little better, and that's cool. There are pools of creativity in everything on the earth.
Take pride in the things you create- even if it's just dinner. So get into it. Don't be afraid to spend some
 time getting your hands dirty. Make a million ugly things so the gems can come out- and if the word art
 or artist scares you, just get rid of it.
 Be a maker of things.



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