Sunday, September 22, 2013

design in metal

so far I am loving my design in metal class with Jim DeVore at Sierra College, although I have piles of learning and practicing to do. Our first project is to create a welded sculpture of our own interpretation of a pyramid. We are using oxy-acetylene with a 00 tip and a 2' x 1' sheet of 18 gauge hot rolled steel. As you can see, I have a long way to go. I definitely loved the process, but like most things, it's something you do over and over until you're really in tune with the medium and really start to understand it without thinking too much. I used a plasma torch, a very very rad tool, for the cut-outs.

My welds here are almost entirely "superficial welds," meaning I used too much filler rod and basically melted it on the surface without heated my base metals enough. I can pretty much just pull this thing apart. not good. I also learned- a bit too late- that I was adding too much oxygen to my flame, making the inner cone too sharp resulting in brittle welds. Since these photos I have taken my piece home, sand blasted it for cleaning, and used a hand grinder to remove all of the welding rod laying on the surface. Thursday I will try to smooth it all out and make the welds stronger. Anyways! there's my art education update.

and yesterday we had an amazing, windy, rainy day. perfect weather for blowing glass.

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