Monday, February 20, 2012

film, santa cruz, 2012.

Visual Journal - Part 3
These are a pile of randoms shot for the next stage. The grainy images that lack a nice black, were taken with an expired roll of film. A mix of nostalgia and magic with the pinkish colors I think. I used a couple of these photos to begin experimenting with transfers onto wood panels. I am greatly progressing in my visual articulation with this project. Moving entirely from digital to film (in the very beginning) was instantly more comfortable and increased the hands-on feeling of creating the photographs for this personal project. It's beginning to make more sense as I continue to find what does and doesn't work. The wood panels I have started working on are layered with acrylics, burns, and the transfers, pushing my photography into a multimedia experience that I deeply resonate with. The wood is rich, natural and strong. It has a presence. The layering, scrubbing off wet paper, burning and getting really involved in the actual work of the product is much closer to the process of journaling. The wood allows me to move beyond the restraints of paper. It becomes real, tangible. My ideas and thoughts are given life and I can build on them until it really embodies my truth. But there is (and always will be) much more exploring to be done.

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